Our new Brampton frame chair

You will find in our collection of handmade dining chairs a beautiful range of contemporary Windsors. We have been wanting to add some frame chairs to this collection for some time. Designed and made here at the Orpago workshop in Devon, our Brampton frame chair is the first addition! 

Bespoke Writing Desk in Walnut and Maple

A wonderful piece of bespoke furniture that we were commissioned to design and make in both pale and dark timbers. The client wanted a bespoke writing desk with two drawers. We applied a cross banded maple inlay to the walnut top and some sycamore cock beading to the walnut drawer fronts. 

A sandblasted bespoke kitchen table

A local client commissioned us to make him a handmade kitchen table. He came to us with a specific design in mind, which we drew to scale for him so that he could visualise the proportional balance of the design. He wanted the finished piece to have a rustic texture, so we sandblasted the table. 

Finding the right dining table for you

Finding for your perfect dining room table can be difficult. You can spend countless hours looking for the right piece and still not find what you’re looking for. Sometimes you come close.. but close just isn’t good enough!

Perhaps you have a been inspired by a table you saw long ago, or maybe you are simply looking for a bespoke handmade dining table that will fit perfectly in your dining room. If that is the case, then a dining room table handmade especially for you just might be the answer.

Making a handmade dining table top - stage 3

Stage 3 of making a dining table top is the glue up. Once we're satisfied with the edging on all the boards we can move on to ordering them to get the best aesthetic out of the timber we're using. We want to get all the boards to work in unison, so that the change from one to the other across the table top is subtle and complementary.

Making a handmade dining table top - stage 2

In the last blog post, I wrote about the processes involved in the first stage of making a dining table top. Stage 1 was essentially the picking and 'roughing out' of the timber. Stage 2 is machining, ripping and edging the boards before gluing up.

Making a dining table top - stage 1

There a various stages involved in making a beautiful top for a dining table; and within each stage, several processes.

Stage 1 is sourcing and roughing out the timber. The first process is picking the timber.

Avon dining table handmade in British prime oak

We met a client at a show we exhibited at back in the spring who commissioned us to make her a bespoke table. Her kitchen was being built at the time and she knew that she had limited width to play with - she needed us to make her a long, narrow table with a couple of matching benches that could be tucked underneath and out of the way when not in use. While on the stand at the show she really liked the look of our Thorncombe table, but wanted something with a more contemporary aesthetic.


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