The tapered leg bespoke kitchen table designs in our collection

The three tapered leg designs in our collection of handmade dining tables

There have been two tapered leg table designs in our dining tables collection for some time now. Our Wistmans table and our Whittlewood table. They are firm favourites in terms of popularity, based on how often we are commissioned to make them. As with all the designs in our collection they are handmade to order in our Devon workshop, in selection of timbers and finishes to bespoke dimensions.

Let's start with the Wistmans table. It has traditional inspirations, which lean towards the antique French farmhouse table. It has protruding pegs in its legs, rails which sit 13mm inset on each leg and applied beading on the bottom of each rail. The table top overhangs the base generously both at the head and the side of the table. The edges are rounded over and softened. We often make this table with gently distressed edges and breadboard ends. Each of these subtle design details help to give our Wistmans table its traditionally inspired aesthetic.

Here is a close up shot of the protruding pegs in the legs and the applied beading on the bottom of the rail.

Our Wistmans dining table above was handmade in British Elm with breadboard ends and gently distressed edges. We finished it with a clear satin oil.

Next we have the Whittlewood table. We wanted to design a clean contemporary take on our Wistmans table. We wanted to simplify and minimise the design. The Whittlewood table has sharply tapered legs which sit flush in the rails, it has no pegs in the legs and no beading. The overhangs are minimal and the edges subtly softened. The overall form is the same, but we have here a dining table with a much more contemporary aesthetic.

Our Whittlewood table above was handmade in British Ash with a clear matt oiled finish. It is accompanied here by the Koji chair.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the Wistmans and Whittlewood table are two tapered leg designs that have been in our collection for a good while. We sometimes have clients who like a dining table from within the collection, but would like us to make a few subtle tweaks in the design and so it becomes a bit more of a bespoke piece. This is how the Weaveley table was born. It is a 'middle ground' between our traditionally inspired Wistmans table and our contemporary Whittlewood table. The tapered legs sit slightly inset in the rails, the overhangs are generous and the edges rounded over and softened. It is sophisticated and modern in design, yet retains a tactile handmade aesthetic.

The Weaveley dining table above was handmade in British Elm with our Gazelle oiled finish.

Are you looking to commission a table for your dining room or kitchen?

If you're interested in having a bespoke table made for you, why not take a look at our collection of handmade kitchen tables. The three tapered leg table designs that I've written about above can be found in our collection, along with plenty of other beautiful table designs. 

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