Handmade dining table to bespoke design

Handmade dining table to bespoke design

We were recently commissioned, by an existing client who was moving house, to design and make a rectangular dining table to go with the circular table that we had already made for him. The client did not want a table with a leg in each corner as he wanted to maximise on seating capacity. The main brief was to emulate the same handmade feel in the new table as his existing dining table.

We settled on making the table in medium pippy oak with our gazelled oiled finish. We kept the design simple in form with function and practicality at the forefront. It was handmade to measure 2200x915mm with a top thickness of 45mm. So a fairly large dining table that would comfortably seat 8 people.

Sometimes when designing a new table or piece of furniture it's worth knocking up a macquette (scaled model) from preliminary drawings. Seeing a 3d model really helps in figuring out which component dimensions / overhangs might need tweaking in order to achieve the right aesthetic.

The macquette of the bespoke design

The two vertical central columns of the table were around 180mm wide and 75mm thick. This width meant that even if a chair was straddling one of the feet, the central column wouldn't impede on leg room and when not in use you could tuck most of the chair under the table.

Sitting at the table without having to straddle a leg

A chair tucked under the table when not in use

The two end frames of the table were joined together and held rigid by a central stretcher and a stretcher located immediately below the top cross members of each end frame. The dining table top also had a central brace (which took the same form as each top cross member) fixed to the underside of it.

The 2 stretchers, 2 top cross members and central brace

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