Extending Whittlewood dining table handmade to order

Extending Whittlewood dining table handmade to order

We're regularly commissioned to make either our Wistmans or Whittlewood table with the ability to extend. It's the flexible option. You want to be able to entertain 10 or so guests at the dining table from time to time, but on an everyday basis there are maybe 4 or 5 of you... and the 10 seater table will be a bit of a squeeze if it's there day in day out.

Here's an example of one we were commissioned to make back in 2015. The client does a lot of work from home so he wanted the table to double up as a desk in its unextended state.

It was handmade in British white ash with a single central grain matched drawer and two 'store-away' leaves. In other words when the table is unextended and the leaves are not in use, they are stored away from the table, rather than within the table.

The bespoke dimensions were 1400x750mm (seats 4-6) when unextended. Each leaf measured 425x750mm, meaning that when fully extended they had a dining table that measured 2250x750mm and could seat 8-10 people. 

Both the main dining table and leaves were handmade with breadboard ends. If you'd like to know more about breadboard ends click here.

We used a lovely piece of crown cut British white ash for the face side rail with its grain matched drawer.

The table top is first glued extra long and then each leaf cut off the end before fitting breadboard ends and sanding. This results in continuity of grain from table top through to leaf.

The leaf prongs slide through cut outs in the end apron and locate on wedges on the underside of the table top.

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